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Prepare a delicious breakfast with our easy-to-make Pronto Hot Cakes Mix 🥞.
This mix is from Mexico and very easy to prepare, just add eggs 🥚, butter 🧈, milk 🥛, mix and voilá!

A box makes approximately 20 pancakes and we guarantee you that they are going to be perfect 👌😋!

Spread over some guava, passion fruit jam or our delicious cajeta or dulce de leche 


Recipe: 🥞😋🥳 Prepare delicious hot-cakes with 🇲🇽 mix "Pronto".

For approx. 10 pancakes you only need 👇🏻:

🥞 250g. Pronto Hot-Cakes mix
🥞 1.5 Eggs
🥞 1.5 spoons butter
🥞 260 ml. of milk
🥞 Guava or passionfruit jam "GOYA"

1. Mix all the ingredients and heat them in a pan with a bit of butter for a couple of minutes. When you see bubbles on the top, turn it upside and let it warm until completely cooked.

2. Serve them with some fruit jam and we guarantee you a delicious Sunday breakfast 🥞😋☕!




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