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 Maizena®, corn starch, is obtained from the wet milling of yellow corn. It is a very fine white powder consisting of complex carbohydrates, easily digestible and a source of energy. Maizena does not contain significant amounts of protein or fat, and has a low sodium content.

It is used in numerous cooked preparations, such as sauces, creams, soups, porridges and compotes, with the function of thickening them. It is also an ingredient in desserts and doughs that, without modifying the original flavor of the preparation, gives it a smooth and soft texture and consistency. It is also used to coat meats, poultry and fish, among many other homemade preparations.

In special diets, such as gluten-free diets, it is an essential ingredient. It is very useful when making flours and products suitable for people diagnosed with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy, since Maizena® is only made with corn and does not contain gluten. Maizena is of natural origin.

- Without gluten


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