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This tomato 🍅 juice with a touch of clam and spices that is very popular in Mexico 🇲🇽 and USA 🇺🇸 will give your cocktails 🍹and beer 🍺 an exotic and different touch, or you can also drink it alone with some ice cubes 🧊 to refresh during a hot day 🥵 .or at the beach 🏝. Ideal for preparing micheladas.

Ingredients: Water, tomato juice, fruits juice, flavor E621, acid E330, iodized salt, onion powder, celery in powder, ascorbic acid (E300) (color preserver), clam powder (to give flavor), spicy sauce, pepper, sucralose (E955) (2 mg/100 g), artificial color (red 40)* E129. 




Michelada is a common drink in Mexico 🇲🇽 made with beer 🍺. It is very refreshing for summer days 😎🌞 and unique if you want to give your beer a twist of flavor.
To frost the glass you need:

🔥 Chili powder “Tajin”
🔥 Chamoy Sauce “El Chilerito”

For the Michelada:
🔥 Lemon 🍋 juice
🔥 Cold Clamato 🍅 juice
🔥 Of course your favourite cold beer 🍺!

Put in a plate some chamoy sauce and separately some Tajin chili 🌶 powder. Spread the edge of your glass with some chamoy sauce and then dip it in the Tajin.

You can add some ice cubes 🧊, then the lemon juice, Clamato juice and finally the cold beer (add it slowly, because when it touches the salt on the edge it can spill).

Enjoy 🍻! And if you prepare it please share 📸


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