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Brezplačna dostava za naročila nad 60 € po vsej Sloveniji


Do you know what is an "empanada"?

An empanada is a traditional dish in most of the cuisines of Hispanic countries, such as the Philipines, Spain and Latin America. They are "also known as pastela" is a thin dough of bread, shortcrust pastry or puff pastry filled with a savory or sweet preparation that can be either baked or fried. The filling may include red or white meat, cheese, fish, vegetables or fruit. The dough is generally made of wheat flour -although corn flour or other cereals can also be used- and usually contains some fat, oil or lard. 

With this empanada maker kit you would be able to prepare them easily and perfect at the comfort of your home.

What does this kit includes?

Is a 7 piece set that includes two empanada makers (press) made of plastic, recipe book with 50 different recipes, two ceramic dipping bowls, a stainless steel dough cutter and knife. All of the utensils are very durable and also dishwasher safe.

Preparation steps:  The dough is cut with the cutter; the dough is then placed in portions in the mold for filling. After the filling has been spread over the dough disk, the mold should be closed and pressed tightly. Then your homemade empanadas are ready for the oven.
The zigzag edges of the dumpling formers provide a beautiful traditional look to the empanadas, and also ensure a complete closure of the dumplings. This is important because it ensures that the empanadas do not rise in the oven. In addition, the patty pan is easy to handle due to the molded handles.

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