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Coffee "Malinali" Monte de Alban is made it with cinnamon and raw cane sugar. 

Are you craving coffee? A black one, cappuccino, with ice, macchiato, cortado, so many ways to drink coffee, this product is a must and you won't regret buying it. 
Product from Mexico.

Monte De Alban:
Country, Mexico
Department, Oaxaca
Municipality: Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán
Altitude, 1700-1900 m.a.s.l.
Harvest, January- March
Varieties: Bourbon, Typica 

Monte Albán co­ffee grows in the vicinity of the city of Oaxaca. All of these small-scale farmers are organic-certified and produce amazing coffee. Monte Albán refers to the Zapotec ruins, located around 9km from Oaxaca which are the remains of one of the earliest cities in Mesoamerica. These ruins date back to 500BC and can be seen from everywhere in the Valley of Oaxaca. Monte Albán was an important social and political site for around a thousand years. This is one of Mexico’s most culturally rich archeological sites with the remains of temples, palaces, tall stepped platforms, an observatory with wonderful 360-degree views over the city, without forgetting the valleys and beautiful mountains.

For the co­ffee growers in this region, specialty coff­ee production is relatively new, but they are keen to continue learning and improving. They strive to produce co­ffee with notes of yellow fruits, almonds, citruses, vanilla, and honey.

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