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Ready to use mix to prepare “buñuelos”, a typical Colombian dish consumed on Christmas made with grated cheese and corn flour. They are not sweet and they are consumed mostly with some “natilla” or cup of hot chocolate.

Product from Colombia.


1. Incorporate the same amount of parmesan cheese as the COEXITO mix. Gradually add 10 tbsp. of water to every 200 g. of mix.

2. Mold the dough to a smooth and homogeneous texture, if it becomes wet, add mix and cheese in small amounts until you achieve it. Shape the buñuelos.

3. Heat plenty of oil (medium heat approx. 140 C) in a frying pan. Add a ball of dough, it should go down and rise up in 13 cm. approx.

4. Make rounds of 4,5 buñuelos to better control of the temperature. Remove the golden buñuelos, and drain on absorbent paper. Serve hot and enjoy!



Coexito Mix

Parmesan grounded cheese


16 to 20 buñuelos

200 g

200 g

150 ml.

36 to 40 buñuelos

400 g

400 g

300 ml.


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