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Quick Coffee Recipe

Quick Coffee Recipe - El Merkadito

Cooking coffee does not have to be boring. There are so many spices that fit so well with the flavor of a coffee cup. Take, for instance, cinnamon. Coffee with cinnamon is heavenly to smell and taste. A quick coffee recipe you can learn today is this Mexican coffee-style one. 

Mexico's cuisine is so extensive that one blog wouldn't be enough to mention all the good things. But, I assure you, this quick coffee recipe is worth writing down.

Coffee culture, generally speaking, starts in the morning. Some dare to drink coffee at night, and some people are afraid because they feel a lack of sleep if they drink it at night. Yet, there are that group of people who drink like 5 cups of coffee a day. That's insane! I wouldn't want to look like a nervous chihuahua the whole day.


Whether you enjoy it alone while reading the news or checking your social media with your phone. Or if you prefer to enjoy a good cup of coffee with a friend or your partner. It does not matter. What is important is the taste of this divine drink.

Grab your favorite coffee pot, a kitchen hammer (you won't kill anyone, I swear). And make sure you have raw cane sugar and cinnamon sticks at home.

200 cup of water
1 1/2 teaspoons of ground coffee
1/2 cinnamon stick
It's not a big science. Put water to boil and add the cinnamon stick if you have pulverized raw cane sugar; good for you. If you don't, you can put the raw cane sugar in a plastic bag and use your kitchen hammer to break it. You don't need to break into very tiny pieces. A one-piece that is no more than 15 g will do. This is actually an excellent opportunity to take out your anger, and the best is that nobody will get hurt :). Add the sugar to your boiling water with cinnamon. Once it dissolves, add the coffee. Do not let it boil! It's a terrible mistake to burn the coffee. Burnt coffee tastes like s#*t, so please be careful.
Let it rest for one or two minutes. If you wish, you can use a sieve to pour your coffee into a cup. Some people prefer not to, and they just wait a bit more for the coffee to rest.
Raise your cup and salud!

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